Your outer world reflects your inner world

Posted by Karen Degen on 23rd October 2012


People’s innermost thoughts, beliefs and emotions can be reflected in their outside world.  For instance in their body shape, the state of their home, or the type of situations they attract to themselves.  One man I worked with was a hoarder and as we started to work on how he felt about himself he was able for the first time in many years to start clearing his home.  I noticed that when a challenge arose in his life that affected him emotionally, he reverted to his old ways.  The more we cleared the negative feelings the more his house reflected the work we’d done.  It can be the same with weight gain as it very often happens at a time of great emotion in our lives.  Any attempt at willpower will fall short if your innermost emotions are negative, even if they are deeply buried in the subconscious  mind.  Take a look at your home, your car, your physical body and ask yourself whether it reflects emotional health?

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