Why the Wikipedia entry for EFT is deeply flawed

Posted by Karen Degen on 4th August 2014

Tags: Dr Dawson Church, EFT, EFT Universe, Wikipedia, skeptics

The current Wikipedia entry for EFT is deeply flawed. It was written by Wikipedia editors who are members of the Skeptical Inquirer community.  For most of the past decade, these ideologues (with no subject matter expertise, training, or certification) have controlled the Wikipedia entry on EFT.

Whenever a qualified expert tries to amend the Wikipedia entry by, for instance, summarizing a published clinical trial, the skeptics delete the amendment, in violation of Wikipedia’s NPOV (Neutral Point of View) policy. If a fact does not conform to the skeptics worldview, they omit mention of that fact. They have no respect for balance, or for scientific proof, encourage skeptics to vandalize articles, and maintain an organized presence on Wikipedia called Wikiproject Skepticism that is aimed at removing opinions at variance with their own.

Because the editors who control the EFT entry have high editorial status on Wikipedia, it is unlikely that experts are going to be able to change it.

The above post is an excerpt from an article written by Dr Dawson Church.  Read the full post on the EFT Universe website.  For full article go to: http://www.eftuniverse.com/eft-related-press-releases/wikipedia-revised-entry

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