Why do we have obstacles in life?

Posted by Karen Degen on 10th October 2012


The reason that life’s events seem to many people to be in the way is that many people have no idea where they’re going. They do not know that on the path they were intended to take, there are no obstacles. The obstacles that people are encountering have not been plunked down suddenly and ruthlessly by Life, right in the middle of the path they’re travelling. Rather, the path they’re travelling is the one with obstacles already on it.

The above is a quote by Neale Donald Walsch from his book The Only Thing That Matters.  It reminds me of what Abraham (Esther Hicks) says about ‘paddling upstream’.  When life seems hard and it seems like you are paddling upstream, its because you are not going in the right direction.  The best thing you can do is let go and float downstream. This seems incredibly scary because we have spent a lot of time trying to get where we are.  Many people are not prepared to let go.

I completely agree with Neale that often the obstacles are a signpost to us that we are not on the ‘right’ path.  One of the things I do is help people to identify the path that would give them the most happiness and fulfillment and remove the emotional barriers that are currently preventing them from taking it.

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