Why counselling sometimes doesn’t work

Posted by Karen Degen on 12th May 2014

Tags: Dr Bruce Lipton, counseling, counselling, subconscious, tape player

People often come to me after seeing a counselor and tell me that it hasn’t helped them.  Often they feel better immediately afterwards, but the feeling doesn’t last.  There are a couple of main reasons why counselling often doesn’t work.

Firstly, we are mind, body and spirit.  We need to be treated as a whole or (w)holistically.  You can’t just take one part out of the mix i.e. the mind, and think you will be completely successful.  That’s the reason doctors are less than successful a lot of the time – they work just with the body.  The mind, body and spirit are all connected so any treatment that doesn’t treat the whole will often fall short.  EFT works holistically at all levels.

The second reason that counselling sometimes doesn’t work is that many of the issues we have are subconscious.  A good counselor may be able to find the deeply rooted subconscious programs that we run, like limiting beliefs, but knowing they exist doesn’t actually change them.  I love the explanation that Dr Bruce Lipton gives. He says the subconscious mind is like a tape player.  It can only play the program it’s got.  You can’t talk to a tape player that has a Michael Jackson program on it and ask it to change to some Madonna.  It can only play the tape that’s in there.  It’s the same with the subconscious mind.  Gaining an understanding of why we are the way we are won’t change a thing.  Bruce Lipton says that Energy Psychology (such as EFT) is like pressing the record button and recording over those programs.

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