When you worry about the future

Posted by Karen Degen on 25th November 2013

Tags: Neale Donald Walsch, Thanksgiving, future, grateful, living in the now, present, tomorrow, worry

I had a client today who had a lot of confusion and worry over the future, but her life now was good.  Every problem she came up with wasn’t something that was happening now, but something she might have to deal with.  When I taught her how to be in the ‘now’ and be completely present she left very happy.  Taking that a step further, we can create the future to be what we want it to be.  I love the teaching of Neale Donald Walsch who was today speaking about the tradition of Thanksgiving in the USA.  He said “I am suggesting that we not stop to think of what we have to be grateful for from the year just passed, but to think of something new: What will we have to be grateful for in the year ahead?  To be grateful in advance of something occurring creates the kind of energy that can cause it to occur.”  So I challenge you today to not only focus on what’s good in this moment, but to send out happy, grateful thoughts for your wonderful tomorrows and what they contain. Create your future with your thoughts and your expectations.


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