When things go wrong its an opportunity to focus on what’s right

Posted by Karen Degen on 3rd March 2015

Tags: Law of Attraction, grateful, gratitude, things going wrong

Whenever something happens that is not ideal I use it as an opportunity to practice my gratude.  The Law of Attraction states that we attract into our lives that which we focus our thoughts on, so we definitely don’t want to be thinking about what is wrong.  We want to be thinking of what is good in our lives or ‘practicing gratitude’.  I do this regularly but what some people may not realise is that when things are ‘bad’ it is a great reminder to be grateful for what is good. For instance we are looking for somewhere to rent for six months or so while our house is rebuilt after the earthquakes.  As I look at possible houses I find myself thinking that I would not like living there.  That makes me even more grateful for the house I do have.

When there is some noise coming from next door, which very rarely happens, I use it as an opportinuty to send out grateful energy for the fact it is usually very quiet. If I get a rare cold or a bit of pain somewhere in the body I think to myslef how grateful I am that I usually don’t have that.  When things go wrong remind yourself that they are usually going right and you are only noticing because most of the time things are great.  The more you focus on what you are happy with the more you will attract that.  If the kids are playing up send out happy, grateful thoughts that a lot of the time they are being really good.  Things going wrong are a great reminder not to take things for granted and to be grateful for our lives.  I like to see things that way, that they are temporary reminders.  Be grateful for your temporary reminders.

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