What makes someone lucky?

Posted by Karen Degen on 21st January 2014

Tags: Derren Brown, Law of Attraction, experiments, good luck, lucky, lucky statue

I was watching the TV show Derren Brown: Experiments the other night where he made up a story in a town in England about a statue being lucky.  He spread the rumour and over time people came to touch the statue and it became accepted ‘truth’ that the statue was lucky.  His experiment was to find out whether people’s luck would change after touching this purportedly lucky statue.    Over a period of time some people happily reported that they’d had significantly increased good luck, while a few people reported no change at all.  What fascinated me was that the people who had no change were pessimists to begin with.  One man in particular didn’t expect good things to happen to him and in fact thought he was jinxed as bad things always happened to him.  Using hidden cameras, Derren Brown sought to put this to the test.  He set up situations for ‘good luck’ to befall this man.  Time after time the man didn’t notice the opportunity.  By the end of the show it was proven that we make our own luck by expecting good things to happen to us, noticing opportunities for good things to happen and taking those opportunities.  I was watching the show thinking “that’s law of attraction”.  Those who expected good things got good things and those who didn’t expect good things didn’t get them.

My question to you today is ‘Are you lucky?’    Ponder that thought.  How do you think of yourself?

I often think how lucky I am, how things always work out for me, how I am always meeting the right people and being offered the best opportunities.  If things look like they aren’t working out I think how grateful I am that they’ve turned out that way because that must be the best way for me.  I am lucky because I expect to be.  Life is great!


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