What in your life deadens you?

Posted by Karen Degen on 18th June 2013

Tags: deadens, dog, feelings, heart attack, joy, life, love, love myself, love yourself, thoughts

What in your life deadens you?  Whatever it is, stop doing it because your body will follow your thoughts and feelings.  Ask yourself also ‘what can I do today that brings me joy’?  Try to find something in every day that brings you joy because Joy is life giving.   Something either gives you life (joy) or it deadens you.  Another good question to ask yourself is ‘what can I do today that proves I love myself’?  Love is very powerful.  I read of a study on people that had had heart attacks.  One year after their attack on average only 6% of people were still alive EXCEPT for those that had dogs. On average 25% of them were still alive.  I believe that has to do with the love you both give and receive when you have a dog.   Fill your day with joy and love and if you don’t have a dog or a significant other then love yourself.  One way you will know if you are doing this is you will be doing lots of things that bring you joy.

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