What do athletes and cancer survivors have in common?

Posted by Karen Degen on 5th November 2013

Tags: Soviet, athletes, cancer, mental exercise, olympics, power of the mind, survivor

I love reading about studies that show the power of the mind and/or emotions. I read the other day that Soviet researchers have found that athletes who spend as much as three quarters of their time on mental training do better than those who place more emphasis on physical training.  Imagine Olympic athletes being told to spend three quarters of their time doing mental exercise! I was also reading about a study done in a Californian medical centre on cancer survivors. They found that most of them had the ability to enter states of mind that enabled their bodies to perform, like those of athletes, at levels beyond the ordinary. The psychologist found remarkable similarities between what the cancer survivors often did and the methods used by the Soviet and Eastern European competitors who have enjoyed such success in the Olympics during recent decades. We can change our bodies and our lives with our mind alone. EFT is the biggest tool in my toolbox but my no means the only one. Many of the tools I give my clients are mind based ones.  Once learned, they can use them for the rest of their lives.

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