What Christmas and Earthquakes have in common

Posted by Karen Degen on 16th December 2013

Tags: Christchurch, Christmas, Earthquakes, family, goodwill, peace

Despite the historic inaccuracies and blatant consumerism in the whole concept of Christmas, it is a very useful custom to maintain.  Amongst all the craziness is the reminder, for at least a few weeks of the year, that we should spread peace and goodwill amongst all men.  At this time of year we tend to be even nicer to other people.  I like that side of Christmas.  I like that it’s traditional to get together with your family and spend time with them.  For some families that is the only time they get together.  If it’s a time of year that reminds us to think of God/Jesus/why we are here, then that can’t be bad either.  I’m very ‘bah humbug’ about Christmas in general and don’t give cards or presents, but I like to keep the good bits of the tradition.  A once a year reminder about spreading goodwill is what I like the most.  Christmas to me is like it was after the Earthquakes in Christchurch (I notice how I feel the need to capitalise that word).  We went out on the streets the next day and everyone in the whole city was like one big family. Everyone stopping to chat like they were your next door neighbour.  It felt like Christmas that day. Not just because we got an awesome gift (we were still alive) but that we spread goodwill to all and they spread it to us.

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