Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig take note!

Posted by Karen Degen on 13th October 2014

Tags: Jenny Craig, Kath and Kim, Magda Szubanski, Weight Watchers, diet, emotional eating, food addiction, weight loss

There’s an article in the 29 September issue of New Idea about Magda Szubanski’s (star of Kath and Kim) struggle with her weight.  After losing 36kg during her stint as ambassador for Jenny Craig, she is now even heavier than before she started, gaining 41kg and weighing in at 126kg.  In the article she is quoted as saying she is an “emotional eater”.  She says “food is my core addiction, my core defence. It’s my go-to-thing”.

Why oh why don’t weight loss programs address this issue of dealing with your emotions?!  Everyone knows that your emotions play a gigantic part in your eating habits but most diet programs don’t address that.  I’d like to see a weight loss program that is balanced.  By that I mean it addresses how much you eat, what you eat, how you exercise AND how you think and feel.  No wonder Magda wasn’t able to stick to her new eating behavior.  If she has a program running in her subconscious mind that says “when things get tough turn to food, it will make you feel better”, unless that program is changed she will keep using food as her “go-to-thing”.  The subconscious mind is far more powerful than willpower will ever be.  EFT needs to be part of every good weight loss program.  Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers – are you listening?

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