Trauma Buster Technique

Posted by Karen Degen on 9th April 2014

Tags: EFT, NLP, PTSD, Rehana Webster, Trauma Buster Technique, disassociation, flashbacks, hyper vigilance, trauma

I have just become certified in the Trauma Buster Technique pioneered by EFT Master Rehana Webster.  It is kind of like a combination of EFT and NLP and is highly effective in the elimination of post traumatic symptoms.  The most common of these would be flashbacks, hyper vigilance and disassociation.  It has been successfully used in war zones and disaster areas and it can be taught en mass to survivors so they can treat themselves.

People often ask me how you know whether someone has trauma or not.  The answer lies in the difference between a thought and a feeling.  For instance, if I think back to the huge earthquake I lived through I remember how scary it was – but I don’t feel scared when I remember it.  My body feels calm and I don’t have an emotional reaction to that memory.  However someone with trauma from that event would have a physical and emotional reaction to that memory.

Trauma doesn’t have to be something big like a disaster, accident or war.  Trauma is simply a deeply distressing or disturbing experience.  If your mother yelled at you one day and it distressed you deeply, then that’s a trauma.  What we call a “small T” trauma, but a trauma none the less.

What memories from the past cause a physical or emotional response in you when you recall them?  Perhaps it’s time to get some help to clear the trauma so you can feel at peace.

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