This predicts divorce with over 90% accuracy

Posted by Karen Degen on 20th September 2013

Tags: Losada ratio, business success, divorce, negative words, positive words

It is completely possible to predict whether or not a couple will divorce with over 90% accuracy.  This is done using the Losada ratio, a scientific measurement where the sum of the positivity in a system is divided by the sum of its negativity.  Studies have shown that in a marriage where there are  five times more positive words than negative words there is significantly less likelihood of divorce; whereas a ratio of under five tends to lead to divorce.

Similarly, a business team with five times more positive words (in meetings) than negative words is significantly more likely to succeed and make money.   In business a ratio of under 3 is a good indicator that a company will go bankrupt.  Many studies have proven the accuracy of this indicator.

Take a look at the words you use today and get a sense of how many positive words/phrases/sentences there are in relation to negative ones.  What is that saying about your potential success in relationships, career or life?  If you need any help to be more positive contact me, I’m a health,happiness and success coach.

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