The new fashion is the old fashion

Posted by Karen Degen on 5th December 2014

Tags: flip phone, smart phone, switch off

There was a news story this week about how the old flip phones are coming back into fashion.  Some of the most successful people in the world now DON’T have the most up to date smart phones; rather they are using the old technology flip phones.  One of the reasons given for this was that they didn’t want to be connected all the time.  They didn’t want to be receiving email every minute of the day. They don’t want to be ‘on all the time’.

I was thrilled when this story was reported because people NEED to ‘switch off’.  We need work/life balance and that can’t happen when we are ‘on’ all the time.  It’s not just work either, sometimes we need to switch off from being available to friends and family.

The celebrities also were switching to the old flip phones for different reasons.  They got sick of having their photos etc hacked from their smart phones.  With technology these days our private life is less private.  It is so important to keep part of ourselves away from the judgment or criticism of others. If we feel judged we start to hide the real part of ourselves and only show the world the pieces they want to see.  You can’t be happy unless you are being fully and completely yourself.

The other reason I liked that story is that I haven’t yet upgraded to a smart phone so now I’m the coolest of the cool :)

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