The Naked Truth

Posted by Karen Degen on 8th September 2014

Tags: Neale Donald Walsh, naked, nakedness, rugby, streaker

After seeing the news about the female streaker at the All Blacks rugby game I received an unrelated email from Neale Donald Walsh (author of Conversations With God) that made me think about nakedness. Here’s an extract:  “Feelings are the language of the soul. They tell us what the soul wants us to look at now. They lead us to greater and deeper understandings. They are the doorway to wisdom. They are wisdom itself, cloaked in the garment of our illusion. As we remove illusion from life expressed, the garment falls away, revealing the naked truth. We see this naked truth as the most beautiful aspect of life itself. This same experience occurs in physical life when we see the naked body of humans. We continue to try to enhance our body by cloaking it with all manner of garments. And yet, in the end, all these garments do is cover the beauty of who we are, and not enhance it. We think we are covering that of which we ought to be ashamed. But we cover, in fact, that of which we ought to be fully celebrating.  We judge ourselves for being too fat or too thin, for being too this or too that. And yet, through the eyes of God, we are stunningly beautiful exactly the way we appear. When we stand in our nakedness, we reveal our true beauty to the world. That is why lovers are never more excited about life than when they stand naked before each other.”

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