The Brain in Our Heart: A New Discovery

Posted by Karen Degen on 12th January 2015

Tags: Gregg Braden, heart brain, making a decision, two minds

In 1994 scientists discovered the existence of about 40,000 brain-like cells (called sensory neurites) arranged as a neural network in our hearts. In other words, we have a brain in our heart that can work independently, as well as in harmony, with the brain in our head!  Studies have shown that our heart-brain can remember, it can sense the world, feel emotions and answer the deepest questions of our lives. And it can do all of these things magnitudes of times faster than the brain in our head! This scientific fact, and the discoveries that have followed, give new meaning to ancient practices of using our heart/brain relationship in our everyday lives.

(Above reprinted from Gregg Braden’s newsletter)

This is why sometimes you are in ‘two minds’.  If in doubt as to which mind to listen to, always choose the heart.  This will show up as a feeling or a sense.  For instance if making a decision you may think rationally that it is a good choice, but you may feel a discomfort.  Or you may think rationally that it is a bad choice but you feel at peace about it.  I have always said that the brain lies.  It has a negativity bias and its job is to keep us fearful at all times.  One of the biggest problems we have in this world is we believe our thoughts.  The brain can lie, but the heart never does.  I know which one I’m going to listen to.

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