The best gifts you can give your kids

Posted by Karen Degen on 13th November 2012


One of the best gifts you can give your children is teaching them how to see life from a positive mindset.  Being able to see things in a positive light is at the core of being happy.  In effect, teaching gratitude is teaching your children how to feel happy, no matter what is happening or not happening in their lives.  As they learn the lesson of seeing their lives in a positive light they can more easily see themselves that way too, enabling them to love and accept themselves as they are.    Children will not learn any lesson you teach them unless you are a living example of it.  Therefore the best gift a parent can give their children is to be a positive, happy and grateful person themselves.    I teach my clients a practical exercise which trains their brain to have more grateful, happy thoughts.  This can be turned into an enjoyable game which parents and children can do together.   A parent’s job is not to look after their children, but to teach them how to make their way in the world.  Teach them the gift of gratitude and positive thought by learning and practicing it yourself.

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