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A Reply Worth Sharing

Following is part of an email exchange between myself and a client.  What she has to say is so special and important that I really wanted to…

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What a death camp survivor can teach us about love

Psychiatrist George Ritchie, author of Return from Tomorrow, told the story of ‘Wild Bill’, one of the death camp survivors with whom he wor…

Tags: Germans, Jewish, Wild Bill, death camp, forgiveness, hate, love, soldiers, survivor

What in your life deadens you?

What in your life deadens you?  Whatever it is, stop doing it because your body will follow your thoughts and feelings.  Ask yourself also ‘…

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Who lives and who dies?

I’ve started reading Love, Medicine & Miracles by Dr Bernie Siegel.  He talks about what makes someone die or survive a serious illness….

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Why can’t I find happiness in my relationships?

You can’t attract a well-balanced, happy person if you are not that already.  No matter what you do or say, you will attract to you those wh…

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