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Mind, matter and Esther Hicks visiting Sydney

I often say that happiness is a sliding scale.  I see it as like a heater in a car, before the days of digital, where there is a sliding lev…

Tags: Abraham, Esther Hicks, Law of Attraction, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, R.C. Henry

When things go wrong its an opportunity to focus on what’s right

Whenever something happens that is not ideal I use it as an opportunity to practice my gratude.  The Law of Attraction states that we attrac…

Tags: Law of Attraction, grateful, gratitude, things going wrong

The Two Best Times of Day to Change Bad Habits

Twice a day our brains are in Theta state, which is the same wavelength you are in during hypnosis.  These two times are when you first awak…

Tags: Law of Attraction, Theta brain state, changing bad habits, hypnosis

What makes someone lucky?

I was watching the TV show Derren Brown: Experiments the other night where he made up a story in a town in England about a statue being luck…

Tags: Derren Brown, Law of Attraction, experiments, good luck, lucky, lucky statue

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