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Does winning the lottery make you happier?

The most frequently-cited study on winning the lottery and happiness was published back in 1978 in the Journal of Personality and Social Psy…

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A reason to get out of bed

My happiness level is pretty high most of the time, but lately I have noticed I’ve been feeling even happier than usual. When I thought abou…

Tags: Happiness, get out of bed, want to get up

The sliding scale of Happiness

I often say that happiness is a sliding scale.  I see it as like a heater in a car, before the days of digital, where there is a sliding lev…

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Can I be happy even when I’m sad?

Happiness, in psycho speak, is called ‘subjective well-being’ and refers to people’s sense of wellness in their lives.  A person high in wel…

Tags: Happiness, emotion, happy, pocket of sadness, sad, subjective well-being, well-being

How much control do we have over our happiness?

One research study found that 50% of our happiness is genetically predetermined, 10% is due to life circumstances (money, relationship, job…

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