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Loneliness can make your sicker than smoking does

I’m enjoying reading Mind Over Medicine by Dr Lissa Rankin.  There’s a great chapter about how loneliness affects health.  As it turns out,…

Tags: Dr Lissa Rankin, Mind Over Medicine, cancer, friends, life expectancy, loneliness, relationships, smoking, social anxiety

The link between cancer and stress

Scientific papers have now documented the connection between stress and many diseases, including heart attacks and cancer.  Emotional states…

Tags: adrenaline, cancer, cortisol, depression anger, diseases, heart attack, stress

What do athletes and cancer survivors have in common?

I love reading about studies that show the power of the mind and/or emotions. I read the other day that Soviet researchers have found that a…

Tags: Soviet, athletes, cancer, mental exercise, olympics, power of the mind, survivor

5 Traits of serious illness survivors

I’ve been listening to the Hay House world summit and the speaker (Bernie Siegel) was referring to a couple of studies about survival rates…

Tags: Heart disease, aids, cancer, disease, serious illness, surviving

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