Striving for 100%

Posted by Karen Degen on 3rd April 2013


I’ve been having Qi Gong lessons lately but only just read the philosophy behind it which says we should only give 70% effort.  I loved it as I believe this is a major stumbling block to us living life to our highest purpose. I see it all the time with clients who are doing too much and working too hard.  In Law of Attraction terms it would mean too much action and not enough allowing.  This is the philosophy I read:

“The living philosophy of the Dao suggests: Do not too much and not too little. The balance allows our body and mind to stay relaxed and we are able to integrate the fruits of your efforts. As more you relax, the more “Qi-energy”, stamina, and strength you will have. Striving for 100 percent inherently produces tension and stress because as soon as you strain or go beyond your capacity, your body has a natural tendency to experience fear and to begin, even without you being aware of it, to tense or shut down in response.”

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