EFT Training Courses

Whether you are an individual wanting to use EFT in your own life, or a healing professional looking for a better way to help your clients or patients, my training will provide you with the knowledge and understanding you need to be successful.

I am an EFT International Accredited Certified EFT Master Trainer and Approved Supervisor.

Level 1 - Fundamentals of EFT

Course content:

  • EFT origins and Discovery Statement
  • Tapping points and the EFT Basic Recipe
  • The shortcut tapping method
  • Wording the Set Up Statement
  • SUDs scale
  • Testing
  • Treating Physical Issues
  • Cravings
  • Building Bridges to EFT
  • Introduction to the Borrowing Benefits concept
  • Importance of being Specific and the Table tops/legs analogy
  • The Generalisation Effect and the Forest and Trees Metaphor
  • Aspects
  • Probing Questions and good detective work
  • Additional tapping points
  • The Continual Tap and Talk Method
  • Your Point concept
  • The Touch & Breathe Method
  • Cognitive shifts
  • The Apex Affect
  • Reflecting your client’s exact words – Introduction to Rapport
  • Dealing with Excessive Intensity
  • Brief introduction to dealing with Trauma
  • The Movie Technique
  • The importance of Persistence
  • Troubleshooting  – When EFT isn’t working
  • Potential side effects of EFT and contra-indications
  • Confidentiality and healthy boundaries
  • The importance of self care and the Personal Peace Procedure
  • Hydration
  • EFT International and Certification

Course description

The course involves plenty of practice time tapping both as a group and on other course participants.

During the demonstrations and the practice sessions we will be working with real issues from the class. We ask that participants come willing to work on some of their own (less major) issues during this training.

This course is suitable for people who are new to this approach to working with physical and emotional problems and are interested in using EFT for self-help purposes. It is also suitable for people who are thinking of moving into energy work or those who are already qualified in other therapy modalities and are looking for more tools for their therapeutic tool-kit. This Level 1 training course will give you enough practice time to begin to use it to work on your own issues or those of other people where appropriate. The course includes a training manual with detailed notes.

Training is done in a relaxed environment in small groups. Each student is given as much support and one to one attention as they require at each stage. Full email and telephone support will be available to students at all levels of training and experience. Students are never left feeling isolated and alone after training.

Fee for the two day course: $360. Includes morning and afternoon tea and attendance certificate. Please bring your own lunch.

Just completed.  Next date to be set soon, please contact me to express your interest.12 Oakview Lane, ChristchurchRegistration essential. Please contact me for a booking form $360 or earlybird special of $325 if paid by (date to be set)

Karen is a great trainer… very organised, clear and delivers the training in a real life way that ensures the information sticks and there is plenty of practical. This course has exceeded expectations and I would recommend Karen’s training to anyone who is interested

I loved it!  It was mindblowingly good!  I can’t wait to do Level 2.  And also can’t wait to work with Karen.

Thank you Karen for the amazing course you ran, it was incredibly insightful and rewarding. Not only was the content constantly engaging and fun, the numerous demonstrations and real life scenarios that included questions and answers was priceless. I really feel like I grew on a personal and professional level through your training..

Level 2 - Training to Practitioner Level

Course content:

  • Calibration skills
  • More Advanced ‘Chasing the Pain’ techniques
  • Tell the Story Technique
  • The Gentle Techniques
  • More about the Trauma experience
  • Sneaking Up on the problem, taking the edge off and minimizing pain
  • Abreactions
  • Tearless Trauma Technique
  • The Writing on the Walls Concept and the Tail-Enders Concept
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • The ‘Tabletops’ metaphor
  • Identifying and handling Core Issues
  • Introduction to Rapport and Using the Client’s Own Words
  • The role of ‘the Positive’ in EFT
  • Introduction to Reframing
  • Pre-framing
  • Secondary Gain and Reversals
  • More Advanced Troubleshooting – when EFT isn’t working
  • More Advanced Testing methods
  • Introduction to using EFT via Telephone or online Video calls
  • Delivering EFT to Groups and more on Borrowing Benefits
  • Tapping on your client – when/if/how
  • The Importance of Practitioner Self-care and the Personal Peace Procedure
  • Additional Tapping Points
  • Floor to Ceiling Eye Roll
  • Surrogate Tapping
  • Getting out of your own way
  • Introduction to Working with Children
  • Introduction to Working with Animals
  • Don’t go where you don’t belong
  • Basic Safety : Professional and Ethical Considerations for Practitioner and Client
  • EFT practice issues and EFTi Code of Conduct and Ethics
  • Introduction to using Intuition
  • EFT International and Certification
  • Taking the Exam

Course description

This four day, in-depth training course is designed to advance understanding and practical skills in EFT to a significantly higher level, including how to begin utilising them to help others effectively in a professional capacity.

A third of this course is practical where attendees practice their new skills on each other in supervised conditions. We ask that participants come willing to work on some of their own issues during this training.

Practitioners develop an understanding of, and the skills to identify, the emotional and event-level drivers which underpin their client’s presenting issues and are able to effectively treat both simple and complex cases appropriately and effectively. The core issues behind anyone’s problems are rarely simple, and real skill and artistry are often necessary to allow them to surface so that they can be expressed and addressed.

Training is done in a relaxed environment in small groups. Each student is given as much support and one to one attention as they require at each stage. Full email and telephone support will be available to students at all levels of training and experience. Students are never left feeling isolated and alone after training.

The Level 2 Training Days include all of the theoretical and demonstration aspects of the training plus plenty of supervised practice time in groups and one to one with other students. Students wishing to sit the EFT International exam and become certified practitioners will gain all of the necessary skills and information from this course.

Entry requirements for EFT Level 2 Training:

The prerequisite for taking a Level 2 workshop is satisfactory completion of a recognised Level 1 workshop. This means that each participant must have completed a recognised Level 1 workshop OR, in my opinion, have sufficient EFT knowledge and experience to allow waiving the Level 1 requirement. This waiver is done on an individual basis and is granted only in cases where the participant’s understanding of the Level 1 principles can be clearly demonstrated. If you are in doubt about your level of understanding please contact me to discuss.

Monday 11th to Thursday 14th October 2021.12 Oakview Lane, Cashmere, ChristchurchRegistration essential. Please contact me for a booking form$895.  Earlybird special $799 if paid by 1 September.

The most enlightening and empowering course I have done over a number of years…. superb

It was amazing. I’ve walked away feeling excited and read to practice.

Level 3 - Content under review

To be confirmed.

What I can help you with

Plus but not limited to: stress, relationship issues, panic attacks, PTSD, trauma, weight loss, eating disorders, OCD, anger, guilt, resentment, grief.