Re-Powering your expectations

Posted by Karen Degen on 1st July 2013

Tags: Abraham, Esther Hicks, beliefs, blocks, expectations, goals, manifest, think big

I always encourage my clients to think big when it comes to setting goals.  In the words of Abraham (Esther Hicks) it is no harder to attract a castle than it is a button.  The only difference is whether you are focusing on a castle or a button.  I like to ensure that all my goals are big ones and I believe and expect them to be manifest.  However I sometimes catch myself thinking small. I think it’s ingrained in us to a certain extent and it’s a constant journey of recognizing our own blocks because they aren’t usually apparent.  It’s not like we think we can’t have something, it’s just that we aren’t imagining ourselves with it or expecting to have it.  I think once a month we should check our expectations and try and up the ‘best case scenario’ we have of our lives.  We need to check in with our expectations and beliefs just the way we check our smoke alarms because they do need re-powering every now and then.

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