One Egg

Posted by Karen Degen on 21st October 2013

Tags: EFT, anger, complaint, egg, hospital, retirement, tapping

The day my mother moved into a retirement home/hospital they gave her one egg for dinner.  One egg on a plate…. nothing else…. that was it!  I was so angry when she told me that I was going over in my mind exactly what I was going to tell the manager the next morning.  Boy was the manager going to get it!  But, that’s not who I want to be.  I treated myself using EFT and tapped on my anger.  I know I shouldn’t be surprised because I do this for a job, but I was surprised at how quickly the anger went.  It disappeared in seconds.  Not only did the anger disappear but the tapping made me remember everything I teach to my clients that I’d forgotten in the moment of anger.  Because I tapped on myself it meant I could go into the retirement home the next morning and make a complaint firmly and clearly, but also calmly and peacefully.  I love that EFT allows me to be the person I want to be.  As an update, the complaint was taken seriously and they agreed it wasn’t good enough and have taken steps to ensure it does not happen again.  All is well.

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