Naked Attraction

Posted by Karen Degen on 24th November 2017

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The new show on TV called Naked Attraction features full-frontal nudity of both sexes. The contestant gets to see six members of the opposite sex (or same sex if they are gay) behind a screen. The screen raises from the bottom, so they see the genitals of their prospective date first. The screen stops raising at the genitals and the contestant eliminates one person based on attractiveness of what they see so far. Then the screen raises to chest level and the contestant eliminates one more prospective date based on the attractiveness of what they see so far. Then the screen raises so they see their face. Next they get to hear them speak. At each stopping point the contestant and the show host are making comments on what they see. At the end the contestant has eliminated all but two prospective dates. The contestant goes backstage and comes back on naked and the two remaining people comment on what they see. The contestant then chooses one to go on a date with. All of this sounds really awful. But it’s not. One of the things I like about it is we come to realise that ‘normal’ is a pretty wide range. You see all sizes, shapes, colours and a lot more differences and variations than you would think. When something is hidden it gives the impression of being bad, wrong or shameful. When its not hidden it seems the opposite and that has to be a good thing. The comments that are made about the bodies are for the most part positive. They comment on what they DO like rather than what they don’t. When the eliminated contestants leave they get to say a few words and they nearly always say that they liked the comments made about them which made them feel good about themselves. For instance “he liked my bum and that made me feel really confident about myself”. I think it’s a positive show. Its not a serious show – actually its absolute rubbish. But in my view the nudity is a positive thing. Why hide what is not shameful or wrong and doesn’t need to be hidden. Anyone watching it will realise that the range for what is ‘normal’ is pretty wide and you will almost certainly fit within it.

As a side note, the show’s host, Anna Richardson has been quoted as saying that if you are nervous before a date use EFT.  Click here for a link to the interview.

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