Lose weight by mindset alone

Posted by Karen Degen on 26th September 2013

Tags: chambermaids, exercise, lose weight, mindset, weight

More and more studies are showing that the mind controls everything, even our weight.  One study done with hotel chambermaids is particularly fascinating.  They were asked whether they exercised and many said that they did no exercise at all. Those who answered that way were put into two groups (one being a control).  One group was informed that what they did every day all was in fact exercise. That making a bed was like working out on a specific machine at the gym.  That vacuuming worked certain muscle groups etc.  The control group were told nothing.  At the end of the study period (during which nothing changed in the way they did their work or lived their lives) the group who now believed that they exercised actually lost weight, had a decrease in blood pressure and a change in their body mass index.  The only difference was their mindset!  The mind is incredibly powerful because when we believe something our body will follow.  One of the things I do is change people’s mindset to change their life.

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