If it really worked everyone would be using it

Posted by Karen Degen on 19th February 2015

Tags: cure, mainstream medicine, medical advances, natural therapy, scurvy

According to a US government report, it takes 17 years for medical advances to travel from lab to bedside, and only about 15% of them even make the journey.  The other 85% are lost. Read that again – 85% of medical advances never ever come into common use!

Even if they do come into common use it can take a lot longer than 17 years.  Take scurvy for instance, the killer of many a sailor.    In 1617 the cure for scurvy (eating lemons, limes, oranges and any other vitamin C containing food) was discovered by military surgeon John Woodall who published his findings.  It was completely ignored by the medical community.

136 years later naval surgeon James Lind published his discovery (the same cure)
which was also ignored. The medical establishment insisted that the testimonials of eating citrus fruit to reverse scurvy were merely “anecdotal” and not based on “scientific evidence”. That is the same thing we hear now with regards to natural therapies.

Fortunately James Lind persevered and about 50 years later citrus fruit was finally accepted and used for the prevention and treatment of scurvy on sailing vessels. The horrible truth is that the cure for scurvy was ignored for nearly 200 years after its discovery. 

If the cure is natural, doesn’t make the drug companies any money and is so simple that it is available to everyone, it seems to be ignored by modern medicine.  It is likely that if you went to see a doctor with the symptoms of scurvy you be subjected to a barrage of expensive tests, misdiagnosed, prescribed pharmaceutical drugs, and subjected to treatments for some other disease.

I often hear people say “If it really works it would be mainstream and everyone would be using it”, but that is unfortunately not how it works.  Be open to things outside of mainstream medicine.  Remember, 85% of medical advances never ever come into common use.

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