How we are like a dog on a leash

Posted by Karen Degen on 20th August 2015

Tags: dog, leash, run free

Driving home from the gym last night after dark I saw a man walking a large dog on a leash down a city street. I started imagining life for that dog. It was probably walked once a day down city streets. No grass and no ability to run free. Perhaps once a week it might be taken somewhere where it could run off the leash, in a park or at the beach, and I’m sure it loved that day. Was that one day enough? What was the rest of the dog’s life like when it was so restrained the rest of the week? Then I realised that most people’s lives are exactly like that dog’s. They go to work most days, cooped up in small offices. When they get let out at lunch time they can only walk on pavement in a built up area, restrained by their work clothing, the time allowed, and their surroundings. Before and after work they have responsibilities and many things that need to be done, so they probably only get one day a week that is for fun. One day to run free and enjoy their lives. Is that one day enough? If you want to break free of the leash that is your life but can’t see how, contact me. It is more possible than you might think.

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