Health and physical issues

Help with Health and Physical Issues

There is a direct correlation between your emotions and your physical body. For instance when you feel angry your muscles get tense, your face goes red and the veins stand out on your neck. The mind and body are not separate. What you think and feel affects you physically. Negative thoughts and feelings cause dis-ease in the body. If you are treating just the physical part of the body it is like working with only one piece of the jigsaw. When the mind and emotions are at peace, the body quickly follows suit.

I am trained to find the emotional contributors to your physical or health issue, even if you are unaware of them yourself. If you have an illness, pain, lack of movement or any physical issue then contact me. EFT often works where nothing else will.

When I first started to see Karen 3 months ago, I was a wreck both mentally and physically. I was at the lowest point of my life, it couldn’t get any worse. My body was giving up on me. I was suffering from a whole range of illnesses which included chronic reflux, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, candida, food intolerances (coeliac) not to mention the depression, despair, irritability and agitation which accompanied all of these. My coping mechanisms were shot. I had tried everything to cure myself which had cost a fortune over the past 6 years; doctors, neurologists, gastroenterologists, nutritionists, dieticians, naturopaths, homeopathists, spiritual healers. All sorts of medical explanations (Bacterial infections, parasites, environmental toxins, genetics and overuse of antibiotics) & medication was offered, none of which I took as I firmly believed that these would only treat the symptoms and not the cause. In all the years of my illnesses, not one doctor or naturopath suggested that my emotions could be the cause. It got to the stage where everything I ate was triggering a reaction in my body (Chronic reflux predominantly, headaches, nausea, pain, acne, PMS, IBS, cystitis) so I began an elimination/cleansing diet, hoping to could find out which foods were causing my intolerances and reactions. Some of my symptoms subsided but only temporarily. At 44kg and down to a diet of salad once daily, completely despaired, I joined a support group which is where I first heard about Emotional Freedom Therapy. Having absolutely nothing to lose, I gave it a sceptical go. Within 2 months, all of my symptoms had cleared, everything, which I still find absolutely incredible! It was only then that I realised through EFT, that it was my emotions all along that has been making me sick. This came as quite a shock but the results spoke for themselves, I couldn’t challenge it. Through intensive therapy, Karen and myself quickly saw that my life was full of chronic stress, anxiety, worry, guilt & fear. Twice a week, we worked on different emotions and the results were often instantaneous! Within 2 weeks, the chronic reflux which had been preventing me from eating, had cleared completely. I was soon gaining weight, and fast! Through EFT, I stopped fearing food, the energy in my body balanced itself and I had mental clarity for the first time in my life. It was strange, I felt happy, at peace with myself, calm and relaxed.Now I am back to full health and am free from negative destructive emotions which means I can concentrate on a very bright future. I am so grateful and blessed that EFT found its way into my life, it truly has given me a second chance at life.
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