Fear of using Skype with the camera on

Posted by Karen Degen on 18th August 2014

Tags: Skype, being seen, camera shy, comfort zone

I work on Skype a lot, with clients in various parts of New Zealand and in different countries all over the world.  Occasionally I get someone who doesn’t want the camera on and wants to work with audio only.  Although this points to a fear of some kind, I usually don’t address this right away as it’s normally not what the person has come to see me about.  It’s important that I make people as comfortable as possible with the process, so I tell them it’s perfectly okay to leave the camera off.  I put my camera on so they can see me.  We work together on the issue they sought help for and they start to trust me and feel comfortable with me.  When I feel the time is right I might suggest they try the camera just for a few minutes to see how they feel now.  In most cases, once they have become comfortable with me, they are completely happy with me seeing them visually.  If not then we can do some EFT on why they don’t feel comfortable having the camera on and being seen.  What is most important is that they get help for what they initially came for, so if the client doesn’t want help with being camera shy then it won’t be pressed on them.  I work within people’s preferences and if they prefer no camera that is fine by me.  If you are uncomfortable with being seen don’t let that stand in the way of you getting help, I will work within your comfort zone (whilst seeking to expand it for you when/if you are ready).

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