Emotions and Pregnancy

Posted by Karen Degen on 9th September 2013

Tags: PTSD, abnormal child, depressed, emotions, infant death, low birth weight, pregnancy, premature, stress, trauma, unhappy

Negative emotions and stress can be detrimental to fertility.  Three scientific studies showed that when couples are trying to have a baby they have a harder time achieving this goal if the woman is depressed.  Also, if the unhappy woman does succeed in becoming pregnant, she is more likely to have a premature and low birth weight child, both of which are strong risk factors for infant death or an abnormal child.

Dealing with your emotions is an essential part of making your body ready for pregnancy.  I received the following email from one client who dealt with her trauma following the Christchurch earthquake.

Dear Karen, I’ve been meaning to email you for weeks and tell you my news. I’m now 23 weeks pregnant! The IVF worked the first time which was incredible. We have found out that it’s a girl and I’m very excited to meet her in 4 months.  I really want to thank you because when I think back to this time last year when I had post traumatic stress disorder – I was so unhappy. I know that my body and mind was in no shape to carry a child. I know that some people take years to get over PTSD (if ever!) and I felt back to normal after 2 sessions with you! I don’t think I would be having a baby in 17 weeks if it weren’t for you and EFT. Thank-you so much!   Jo Looij


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