Do you eat your emotions?

Posted by Karen Degen on 6th November 2012


The reason most diets don’t work is that they don’t address the emotional contributors to your eating habits.   Some people over eat or comfort eat when feeling bored, upset, or feeling bad about themselves.  The reasons for using food as a coping mechanism vary greatly from person to person so it’s important not to use a ‘one size fits all’ approach for weight loss.  As with all EFT, it’s the detective work that is the important part.

For example, one man I worked with was overeating and felt like he could never get enough food.  One of his contributing emotions was discomfort any time he didn’t know what to do.  He didn’t know what to do often, so was overeating often.  To clear the need for constant food we had to use EFT to make him feel OK about himself when he didn’t know what to do.   This isn’t always an easy issue to self treat yourself for as it can have quite deep roots and detective work is needed to find the expectations and beliefs the person has about themselves.  Often clearing these issues can take more than one session as there may be more than one contributing factor to their eating habits.

Many people (women especially) have an unconscious block to being slim and attractive because of the male attention they might attract.  Some women don’t quite know how to respond to such attention, especially if there was an event in their past that disturbed them.  If there is a part of you, however small, that doesn’t want to be slim and attractive because it doesn’t feel safe, then you will likely self sabotage or not achieve your healthy eating goals.

Ask yourself what food means to you.  Is it a friend?  A comfort?  Is it a way of giving or receiving love?  An experienced practitioner will find the emotions and beliefs behind your eating habits and clear them, creating both emotional freedom and food freedom.

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