Depression, Anxiety, Self Worth and Self Esteem

Help with Anxiety

Help with Anxiety

It’s normal to feel anxiety with a stressful event, such as before public speaking or in anticipation of a job interview, but normally anxiety will fade once the event passes.

If you experience anxiety for long enough however, your brain may become “wired for it” and cause you to constantly look out for potential threats when none exist. The anxiety then stops being about something in particular, but it still seems like it is. For instance, if I ask someone who has anxiety about driving what the worst thing that could happen to them would be, they would likely not reply “having a crash”, but instead reply “the anxiety I will feel”. Chronic anxiety sufferers become anxious about being anxious.

Whether your anxiety is current and specific to something, or chronic ‘anxiety about being anxious’, EFT can help. EFT can be very effective in reducing anxiety by correcting the bioelectrical short-circuiting that causes your body’s reactions. Think of EFT as a tool for “reprogramming” your circuitry, and it works on both real and imagined stressors.

I don’t feel like my life is ruled by anxiety any longer.  I have to actually search to find a problem, where before it felt like everything was a problem


My view on why we get depression

From a young age we are taken to see the doctor if we have a physical issue that isn’t going away on its own. However if we have an emotional issue that isn’t going away, no-one takes us anywhere. It stays with us! Every year we live we add more and more emotional issues that we don’t know how to let go of. After a while it gets to be like a huge burden we are carrying, that weighs us down and saps all of our energy. Imagine what your physical condition would be like if you had never been to the doctors your whole life. This is the condition many people are in emotionally. It’s not your fault, no-one taught you how to let those things go.

I’ve had clients describe their depression as like a big heavy overcoat, a dark cloud, or a backpack filled with rocks that they are carrying around. Let’s take the analogy of the backpack of rocks. What EFT does is remove those rocks so you are free of them forever.

My other view on why we feel down or unhappy

Often what we don’t realise about our feelings is that they are messages from our subconscious mind. We have a very small conscious mind (between 1% and 5% of the total mind) and a large subconscious mind (95-99% of the total). We have a lot of information inside that just doesn’t get bought to our attention consciously. If you are a scientific person we’ll call it the subconscious, if you are a spiritual person we could call it your higher self or soul-self. Whichever way you look at it there is a part of us that knows a heck of a lot about our lives. This part of us can’t communicate the same way our conscious mind can – it communicates with emotion. If you are feeling down, sad, unmotivated etc. it’s a signal from yourself that where you are and what you are doing is not of the highest and best good for you. Often with our busy lives and thoughts that just don’t stop we aren’t used to listening to our emotions. We listen to our thoughts but discount our emotions saying things like “I shouldn’t feel this way”.

One of the things I do is help people to listen to their feelings (rather than their thoughts). Our thoughts can lie, but our feelings are always pointing us in the right direction. If you are feeling down or depressed it may be a sign that things need to change. Usually depressed people simply can’t see a way of changing, and that’s where I come in.

With energy psychology such as EFT, healing depression can happen very quickly. It is common to clear years of depression in just a few sessions.

What many doctors don’t address

We are mind, body and spirit and the three are not separate. They interact with each other in complex ways. Unfortunately many doctors think the body operates on its own and they treat it as such. No wonder they fall short, they are missing two thirds of the puzzle.

In his book The Genie in Your Genes by Dr Dawson Church he says “As we think our thoughts and feel our feelings, our bodies respond with a complex array of shifts. Each thought or feeling unleashes a particular cascade of biochemicals in our organs. Each experience triggers genetic changes in our cells.” It’s our thoughts and feelings that are the cause so it makes sense to treat at this level. Most doctors treat the symptoms of depression which is in no way addressing the cause.

People are telling me to think positively – does that work?

Depressed people can’t think positively. They are genuinely unable to do so and it can actually make them feel worse. Yes it’s important for us to think positively and I certainly teach that to my clients, but it’s important to know the right time for that. The right time is after you’ve released the negative emotions, beliefs and expectations. Its only when much of the healing has taken place that thinking positively and practicing gratitude can be introduced.

If you’d like help to clear the cause of your depression contact me now.

There’s a lot more I’d like to say on depression and anti depressants, but it’s been done so well already by Dr Mercola. I highly recommend one of his articles titled ‘They Cause 40,000 Deaths a Year – But They’re Handed Out Like Candy’ .

His article covers the following:

      • What is depression
      • Symptoms of depression
      • Is depression really a chemical imbalance
      • What really causes depression
      • How anti depressants are approved
      • Why do they seem to work
      • Why antidepressants don’t work
      • Well documented side effects
      • What are the safe and effective alternatives

For safe, effective treatment of depression contact me to book a session. I provide a full guarantee, if for any reason you are not happy about the first session, there is no charge.

Treating depression in Christchurch via personal appointment and treating depression New Zealand wide and internationally via Skype appointment.

I have suffered from depression for many years. I have tried all sorts of things to relieve it including counseling, acupuncture and hypnotherapy. The counseling helped me understand why I had the depression, but it did nothing to relieve it. The other options failed miserably. Then I met Karen. It took a few sessions, but soon I started to feel better. I no longer had this terrible feeling in my chest that was a symptom of depression and I became far more positive in both my business and personal life.  Karen is a fantastic practitioner, professional and sensitive. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their mental state for whatever reason, or just enhance their quality of life.

Help with Self Worth and Self Esteem

Help with Self Worth and Self Esteem

Self worth and self esteem are the foundation beneath confidence and confidence is the springboard to achievement in every walk of life.

Do you feel that you aren’t good enough? Do you feel that what you do isn’t enough? Do you lack confidence in social situations? Do you find your lack of belief in yourself stops you going for your goals and dreams or perhaps even for certain friends or love interests? Do you beat yourself up a lot with your thoughts and feel bad for not being the person you think you should be?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you have come to the right place. Using EFT and some of the other great tools in my ‘changing lives’ toolbox we can bring you to a place of love and acceptance of yourself, as you are. We can bring you to that place where you are happy and at peace with yourself, have confidence and are stepping out in life unafraid of failing and unafraid of what others will think, feel or say about you. If you want to be happy with who you are and where you are contact me. It is possible to feel good about yourself.

You really have helped to grow my confidence and also to deal with things I did not think I could ever deal with!

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