Dear Santa – a Christmas wish

Posted by Karen Degen on 3rd December 2012


Dear Santa, What I want for Christmas is world peace.  And Santa, it’s not as hard as it sounds.  I know exactly how we can do it.  First we need inner peace.  We need to relieve the angry feelings that people are carrying.  When they no longer feel angry inside they won’t be angry at others.  We need to relieve the resentment that people have been holding onto, because when people are free of resentment they can forgive others.  We need to relieve the guilt that people feel, because it’s only when we are free of guilt that we can accept and love ourselves, and when we accept and love ourselves we can more readily accept and love others.  It’s only when we are free of judgement, fear, hurt and despair that we clear a space in our heart.  From that clear space can grow hope, joy, gratitude and love.  Santa, I know how you get world peace.  You get world peace through inner peace.  If you have a world full of people with inner peace you have a peaceful world.  Love from your helper all year round, Karen Degen

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