Cuddle a Bunny

Posted by Karen Degen on 17th November 2014

Tags: bunny, dance lessons, giving love, rabbit, the need for touch

At a fair at the weekend some little girls were selling a ‘cuddle with a bunny’ for $1.  I had one and loved it.  Apparently when cruise ships are in town they take their rabbits to the wharf and make heaps of money selling cuddles with them to the passengers.  It got me thinking why cuddling something makes us so happy.  It’s because we are giving love through the sense of touch.  In the case of bunny rabbits we are giving love to something we feel is safe to give love to.  Giving love is an essential element of a happy life. In giving love we receive it.

I think touch itself is a basic human need.  Many years ago during the time I was single I used to go to dance lessons.  I remember leaving when class was over and thinking to myself “how will I last another week before I can do this again?”  I’m sure it was the being touched part that I loved. Someone holding my hand, even a stranger during a dance, was just the most wonderful thing.  I think I needed it.  Now I’m happily married I have that any time I want it, but some people don’t and it’s really important.  I guess that’s where pets come in because we need to touch and be touched, we need to give and receive love.  If you know someone who is single or elderly or just plain lonely give then the gift of a hug.  It could mean the world to them.

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