Change 500 of your genes in 90 days

Posted by Karen Degen on 28th August 2017

Tags: DNA, Dr Bruce Lipton, genes, prostate cancer, stress

You can change your own DNA. Even if you have the gene for a particular illness you can change the way the gene expresses itself and completely change your health. I was listening to the wonderful Dr Bruce Lipton speak about a study done by Dr Dean Ornish on prostate cancer patients. He divided his patients into two groups. One group received the traditional medical treatment which of course included pharmaceutical drugs. The second group did not receive any drugs or the usual treatment. Instead they had their diet changed and were taught stress reduction techniques, including meditation. After 90 days the group who had received no drugs but had changed their lifestyle, particularly a reduction in stress, showed a change in function (for the better) in 500 of their genes! In the other group no genes had changed for the better. Dr Lipton says you can change your genes every day by the way you respond to the world. It is your mind that controls the genes. It is estimated that around 90% of visits to the doctor are due to stress. I always say that stress isn’t what is (or isn’t) happening in your life. Its what you think and feel about it, and that we can change. If you have a health issue (or want to prevent one) the answer is a change in lifestyle. I can help with that.

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