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Today I want to share with you something that Marianne Williamson wrote:

“Each of us has an instinctive calling to be more than we are now…to stretch…to grow…to bend toward the infinite the way a flower bends toward sunlight.
Every cell in the body is coded to contribute its own uniqueness to the healthy functioning of the organ it belongs to. It has a natural tendency to collaborate with other cells in a venture way greater than its own individual life.

And so it is with human beings. We too are here to contribute to a great creative effort, each of us becoming whom we are capable of being, then collaborating with others in supporting something larger than ourselves. Each of us has a unique part to play, and a natural guidance system that reveals not only what our part is but also how to accomplish it.

No one’s function is any more or less important, or special, than anyone else’s. We are all here, like cells in the body, to do what is needed to support the whole. And who among us isn’t feeling today the call of greatness—not a personal greatness, but the greatness of the times in which we live—that we ourselves might participate in the healing of the world? We are the individual immune cells in the body of human civilization. Where there is sickness, we are called to be healers. And we heal by being healed ourselves.”

Marianne Williamson

Whenever something happens that is not ideal I use it as an opportunity to practice my gratude.  The Law of Attraction states that we attract into our lives that which we focus our thoughts on, so we definitely don’t want to be thinking about what is wrong.  We want to be thinking of what is good in our lives or ‘practicing gratitude’.  I do this regularly but what some people may not realise is that when things are ‘bad’ it is a great reminder to be grateful for what is good. For instance we are looking for somewhere to rent for six months or so while our house is rebuilt after the earthquakes.  As I look at possible houses I find myself thinking that I would not like living there.  That makes me even more grateful for the house I do have.

When there is some noise coming from next door, which very rarely happens, I use it as an opportinuty to send out grateful energy for the fact it is usually very quiet. If I get a rare cold or a bit of pain somewhere in the body I think to myslef how grateful I am that I usually don’t have that.  When things go wrong remind yourself that they are usually going right and you are only noticing because most of the time things are great.  The more you focus on what you are happy with the more you will attract that.  If the kids are playing up send out happy, grateful thoughts that a lot of the time they are being really good.  Things going wrong are a great reminder not to take things for granted and to be grateful for our lives.  I like to see things that way, that they are temporary reminders.  Be grateful for your temporary reminders.

According to a US government report, it takes 17 years for medical advances to travel from lab to bedside, and only about 15% of them even make the journey.  The other 85% are lost. Read that again – 85% of medical advances never ever come into common use!

Even if they do come into common use it can take a lot longer than 17 years.  Take scurvy for instance, the killer of many a sailor.    In 1617 the cure for scurvy (eating lemons, limes, oranges and any other vitamin C containing food) was discovered by military surgeon John Woodall who published his findings.  It was completely ignored by the medical community.

136 years later naval surgeon James Lind published his discovery (the same cure)
which was also ignored. The medical establishment insisted that the testimonials of eating citrus fruit to reverse scurvy were merely “anecdotal” and not based on “scientific evidence”. That is the same thing we hear now with regards to natural therapies.

Fortunately James Lind persevered and about 50 years later citrus fruit was finally accepted and used for the prevention and treatment of scurvy on sailing vessels. The horrible truth is that the cure for scurvy was ignored for nearly 200 years after its discovery. 

If the cure is natural, doesn’t make the drug companies any money and is so simple that it is available to everyone, it seems to be ignored by modern medicine.  It is likely that if you went to see a doctor with the symptoms of scurvy you be subjected to a barrage of expensive tests, misdiagnosed, prescribed pharmaceutical drugs, and subjected to treatments for some other disease.

I often hear people say “If it really works it would be mainstream and everyone would be using it”, but that is unfortunately not how it works.  Be open to things outside of mainstream medicine.  Remember, 85% of medical advances never ever come into common use.

I’ve just returned from walking on of New Zealand’s Great Walks, the Heaphy Track. 6 days away from it all with no cellphone coverage, just nature and basic huts. It was truly wonderful and I loved it.  The weird thing is that I did just two hours into the end of the Heaphy Track a year ago when we were holidaying in Karamea and I was overwhelmed with the stunning beauty. I kept telling everyone on this trip that the last day would be the most beautiful scenery ever, but when we got to that part it seemed pretty ordinary. I think it was because I had experienced so much beauty on this six day trip that it didn’t stand out. Life can be like that too. We have it so good that we take it for granted and don’t realise how wonderful it is. Take water for example.  One billion people around the world don’t have access to clean, safe water, but we take it for granted.  When was the last time you sent out happy, grateful thoughts for the water you get each time you turn on the tap?  When was the last time you sent out happy, grateful thoughts for the fact you can just get in your car and go wherever you want?  It always starts, it always gets you there, but we take it for granted.  These things are ordinary for us now and we have forgotten the wonder of them.  We can forget the beauty and wonder in people too.  We take them for granted and forget to appreciate their inner beauty.  Take some time today to appreciate the beauty in the people around you.  Instead of taking them for granted tell them what you like about them.  People can forget their own wonder and beauty too as it becomes ordinary to them.  Remind them today by telling them what you see in them.  We are all creatures of wonder, if only we would see that in ourselves.

At the end of your life you will know that nothing you have done will matter – only who you have been while you have done it.

Have you been happy?  Have you been kind?  Have you been gracious?  Have you been caring, and compassionate, and considerate of others?  Have you been generous, and sharing, and – most of all – have you been loving?

You will see that it is who you have been, not what you have done, that matters to your soul.  And you will see that it is your soul, after all, that is Who You Are.

The preceeding three paragraphs are the words of Neale Donald Walsch who I quote often because his teaching is just so good.  I loved reading this and want for the rest of my life to focus not on what I’m doing or what I’m achieving, but on who I am being while I’m doing it.  Being the person we want to be is a continual journey. If you want help with yours let me know.

Twice a day our brains are in Theta state, which is the same wavelength you are in during hypnosis.  These two times are when you first awaken and when you are drifting off to sleep.  Theta brain state is great for downloading information into the subconscious mind, which is where all of our habitual patterns of thought and behaviour are, and in some cases these are not good habits.  You can utilise this theta state to re-write over negative habits and create new, more positive ones.  The nicest and easiest way to do this is to think about what you DO want for yourself and your life as you drift off to sleep or upon wakening. Use this time to practice your Law of Attraction.  Imagine the best case scenario for yourself and your life.  Picture things (dream) the way you want them to be.  If you have a bad habit, for instance over eating, use this time to picture yourself eating healthy and loving it.  Picture yourself slim and full of energy and finding it easy to create delicious healthy meals.  The other way is to use this theta brainwave time to think affirmations to yourself.  Using the same bad habit of overeating for example, you could think to yourself “I only feed my body healthy, health-giving foods”.  Think this a number of times during this half sleep/half wake time and it will have far more effect than using the affirmation during the day.  Try focusing on one particular goal for a week and notice the changes.  Perhaps you could make trying this your New Year’s resolution.

In 1994 scientists discovered the existence of about 40,000 brain-like cells (called sensory neurites) arranged as a neural network in our hearts. In other words, we have a brain in our heart that can work independently, as well as in harmony, with the brain in our head!  Studies have shown that our heart-brain can remember, it can sense the world, feel emotions and answer the deepest questions of our lives. And it can do all of these things magnitudes of times faster than the brain in our head! This scientific fact, and the discoveries that have followed, give new meaning to ancient practices of using our heart/brain relationship in our everyday lives.

(Above reprinted from Gregg Braden’s newsletter)

This is why sometimes you are in ‘two minds’.  If in doubt as to which mind to listen to, always choose the heart.  This will show up as a feeling or a sense.  For instance if making a decision you may think rationally that it is a good choice, but you may feel a discomfort.  Or you may think rationally that it is a bad choice but you feel at peace about it.  I have always said that the brain lies.  It has a negativity bias and its job is to keep us fearful at all times.  One of the biggest problems we have in this world is we believe our thoughts.  The brain can lie, but the heart never does.  I know which one I’m going to listen to.

An increasingly vocal group of psychiatrists is warning about the long-term use and casual prescribing of anti-depressant drugs. The bookAnatomy of an Epidemic should be required reading for anyone taking or considering anti-depressants, as well as their family members: It outlines the research showing that these powerful drugs can actually CAUSE long-term depression. Now a large new study points to the reality that over half of those taking the drugs experience adverse side-effects. The most frequent? 62% report sexual difficulties. 42% report a reduction in positive emotions. 39% report suicidal thoughts. Want a safe alternative? The research on EFT for depression shows marked improvements for most people in 6 therapy sessions or less. But beware of the side-effects: reduced anxiety, pain, and insomnia!

(Reprinted from EFT Universe newsletter)

Today I read an article about how airlines now have the ability to show you different (higher) prices, depending on your purchase history.  If in the past you purchased higher priced flights they know you will pay more, so they only show you the more expensive flights when you search.  The software can now affect even the ‘compare’ websites.   Apparently it is not just the airlines that are doing this either.  I had an emergency flight I had to buy at the last minute a few months ago and paid top dollar for it.  I don’t want that to mean that I never see the cheaper flights when I search online because they think I will/can pay more.  The article suggested that one way around this not logging in to websites, but searching anonymously.  The problem is though that your computer has a browsing history which is stored on the computer and can be accessed by ‘cookies’.  So even if you think you are anonymous you are not.  The suggested way around that was to delete your browsing history and cookies from the computer.  This is actually quite a big deal because you are deleting everything the computer remembers about you and it’s like starting again.  It doesn’t remember your preferences, doesn’t come up with your password already there, doesn’t fill in boxes with your details in etc.  It’s kind of scary, but good too, to start with a clear slate knowing that your past can’t be used against you.

That got me to thinking, wouldn’t it be great if we could do that in relationships. If we could clear our past.  If we could delete our history of wrongs done, arguments, hurts, words said etc.  That it could be so easy!  I had a couple that came to see me recently who were having relationship issues.  There were some current problems of course, but one of them continually bought up issues from the past, which wasn’t helping the situation.  I asked them to imagine that they could simply delete their ‘relationship hurt’ history.  No bringing it up any more, it’s gone, just like deleting your browsing history on the computer.  They loved that idea and agreed to it, but they both knew their arguments were not yet over.  I said “If you want to argue, argue about what’s happened today”.  That might seem like strange advice as the objective obviously is a permanently peaceful relationship, but arguing only about current issues is a great first step.  If we delete the past history we can start seeing with new eyes and that new perspective could make all the difference.

That made me think of when there are changes in a workplace.  The staff that were there before the changes struggle to accept them and are often very unhappy.  Any new staff coming in completely accept them because they have no history.  They don’t know what it was like there before.  The only reason the existing staff can’t accept the changes is they are focusing on the past.  They are not looking with new eyes and seeing ‘what is’, they are seeing what used to be.

Would you benefit from pushing the delete button on your history?  Are you brave enough to wipe the slate clean and start again?  Seeing only through eyes that see the ‘now’ and not what came before.  If you need help to let go, contact me and I’ll help.

There was a news story this week about how the old flip phones are coming back into fashion.  Some of the most successful people in the world now DON’T have the most up to date smart phones; rather they are using the old technology flip phones.  One of the reasons given for this was that they didn’t want to be connected all the time.  They didn’t want to be receiving email every minute of the day. They don’t want to be ‘on all the time’.

I was thrilled when this story was reported because people NEED to ‘switch off’.  We need work/life balance and that can’t happen when we are ‘on’ all the time.  It’s not just work either, sometimes we need to switch off from being available to friends and family.

The celebrities also were switching to the old flip phones for different reasons.  They got sick of having their photos etc hacked from their smart phones.  With technology these days our private life is less private.  It is so important to keep part of ourselves away from the judgment or criticism of others. If we feel judged we start to hide the real part of ourselves and only show the world the pieces they want to see.  You can’t be happy unless you are being fully and completely yourself.

The other reason I liked that story is that I haven’t yet upgraded to a smart phone so now I’m the coolest of the cool 🙂

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