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When you think of your future, do you get excited or do you feel worried or fearful?  According to the Law of Attraction, where you are in your life now is a direct result of what you have thought, believed and expected in the past.  The only way to change your life is to change your thoughts.  Feeling fearful or worried will only attract more of what you don’t want.  Many people who are worried or fearful don’t know what they want so they can’t even begin to get excited about their future.  When someone doesn’t know what they want it’s often because they don’t believe they can have it, so why dream it?  This block needs to be cleared first before any goal setting or dreaming can take place.  Without something to aim for it’s highly unlikely you will hit your target. Not having a goal or a dream for your future is the equivalent of getting into a taxi and not having any idea of where you want to go.  If you’d like to create a future that you can be excited about I’m here to help.

In a randomized controlled study (the gold standard of scientific research) of 59 U.S. veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), six hour-long sessions of a treatment method called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) resulted in a highly significant reduction of their symptoms. An impressive 86% of those receiving the treatment dropped from the category of clinical (severe) PTSD to the category of subclinical PTSD. This is the best result for PTSD ever obtained in a clinical trial of any therapy.  The study appears in the prestigious Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, the oldest peer-reviewed psychiatry journal in North America, in February 2013.

I recently worked with an elderly lady who had been told by her doctor that she only had “a few months to live”.  She was very fearful and was not coping with the news at all well.  I did some EFT on her for the fear which she described as a black cloud that circled above her head and obscured everything.  Because she often wakes in the night and gets upset I taught her some EFT to do on herself in bed.  At the end of our session together she said something that really touched my heart.  She said “I feel like I’ve got this big box filled with the things from my past, and that you’ve come into my life to help me take them out, one by one.  The only problem is I feel you’ve been sent to me too late and that the door is nearly closed”.

Don’t leave it too late to address the things in the box of your life.  So many doctors and medical institutions are now saying that the main cause of most illnesses is unresolved emotional issues.  It’s the ‘unresolved’ part that is the problem.  With EFT we can empty that box of unresolved emotional issues and set you free.

When we’re stressed, our bodies are flooded with cortisol and adrenaline.  One study found that cancers grew 275% faster in stressed mice than in unstressed mice.  The scientific consensus is that only 5% to 10% of cancers are hereditary; the rest are due to environmental factors, including stress.

The above is a quote from the book ‘A Genie in your Genes’ by Dr Dawson Church.   If between 90% and 95% of all cancers are caused by stress, and many studies show this to be true, then treating your stress becomes an essential part of your health regime.  Stress isn’t what is happening in your life, its caused by the thoughts and feelings you have about the situation.  That’s where I can help because we can change your thoughts and feelings and therefore change your health.

By now, according to statistics, 92% of people have already broken their New Year’s resolutions.

The main reason people don’t achieve their New Year’s resolutions is because they don’t address the emotional contributors to the issue they want to change.  Smoking for instance is well known to alleviate stress and dampen down uncomfortable thoughts and feelings.  Stopping smoking without addressing the reasons why you ‘need’ to smoke will likely result in failure.  It is the same with overeating or comfort eating.  Using food to ‘eat your emotions’ is often unconscious, but has similar drivers to smoking, alcohol or drug use.  The only way to be permanently free from these addictions is to address the emotional drivers behind them.

People usually start off feeling enthusiastic and motivated after making a New Year’s resolution, but then it seems that the brakes go on.  Willpower and conscious effort may have an impact, but only for short bursts, rarely for the long term.  That is because the brain is not very effective at modifying our habits.  To make any permanent change we need to address these habits where they live: in our subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind is in control most of the time and is incredibly powerful – in fact it’s a million times more powerful than the conscious mind and makes up at least 95% of our brain.  Unless the programs running there are changed it is likely that attempts to change your habits will not succeed.  EFT is the best technique I’ve ever found for changing those subconscious programs.  In fact Dr Bruce Lipton says “EFT is like pressing the record button and recording over those programs”.

I was recently privileged to attend a series of seminars by Dr Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden.  Bruce Lipton (cell biologist and ex professor of anatomy) proves medically how your beliefs and emotions directly control your health, right down to changing your genetic expression.  It’s the knowledge of how your thoughts, beliefs and emotions affect your health, and how that can be changed, that enables me to treat clients with health issues.  The Universe seems to be sending me even more health related clients lately and in particular people with chronic, incurable (but not fatal) issues.  Well, incurable according to the traditional medical doctors anyway.

Energy medicine such as EFT is based on the science of quantum physics, discovered in the 1920s.  Why the medical system still works on the now disproven Newtonian model is simply crazy, but then look at the cure for scurvy.  Sailors used to lose their teeth, hair and often their lives on long ocean voyages where fresh fruits and vegetables were impossible to obtain. In the 15th century it was finally discovered that the cause was nutritional (what we now know as lack of vitamin C) and that eating citrus fruits could prevent it.  Unfortunately this simple cure for a very serious disease wasn’t widely accepted until the early 20th century – five hundred years later!  That’s a long time for a thought process to be fermenting in the minds of scientists.  Then there was the discovery in 1847 that if surgeons wash their hands before surgery they can prevent many, many deaths.  The doctor with this ‘crazy’ idea was treated very badly by the medical profession, in part because they were not eager to admit that they had caused so many deaths. Dr Semmelweis spent 14 years lobbying for acceptance of the practice to no avail.  It was many years after his death before he was recognized as a pioneer of antiseptic policy and prevention.  It’s been about 80 years since the discovery of quantum physics – let’s hope mainstream medicine starts accepting energy medicine soon.

A client asked me yesterday how she could remain positive while in great pain.  We know with the Law of Attraction that when we focus on what we don’t want we tend to attract more of what we don’t want into our lives.  We must always focus on what we DO want.  The way I do this is, whenever anything I don’t want happens I think of a time it was not like that and send out happy grateful thoughts for that.  For instance, if I’m in pain I think to myself how great it is that I’m normally feeling great. That I actually haven’t been in pain for the past (year, month, day, hour) and I am so glad about that.  If there is a problem in my life I just think how wonderful it is that most of the time I don’t have that problem.  Sure, I’ve got it right now, but I don’t focus on the right now, because that is what I don’t want.  Give it a try yourself and watch your life change.  As we come into Christmas and you have to deal the crazy busy silly season, send out happy grateful thoughts that for most of the year you have less to do and more peace and calm.   If you are practiced at this it’s easy to be positive, no matter what is happening in your life.

Not feeling like you are good enough is at the root of many issues.  It can seriously hold you back in life, impacting on your happiness and success.  There are a number of ways we can seek to change this belief and I’m going to share one of those with you now.

One of the things I do whenever I succeed, achieve something significant or do really well, is first of all feel proud of myself.  It’s most definitely OK to feel good about yourself.  At the same time as feeling good however, I also tell myself “even if you hadn’t achieved that you would still be good enough”.  What I’m doing is programming my brain to feel good enough anyway, whether I’ve been successful or not.  This sets me up nicely for next time I make a mistake, fail or fall short in any way.  When that happens (and it will) I can feel good enough anyway because my sense of self worth is not tied up in what I’ve done or how well I’ve done it.

It’s an absolutely amazing thing to do with your children and sets them up with a good sense of self worth for life.  Whenever they win a race or get a good mark at school or make something awesome at art give them a hug and tell them how proud you are of them, but then tell them “even if you hadn’t done that you’d still be good enough and I’d still be proud of you and love you just as much”.   Next time they lose or don’t do well they will still feel good enough.

Dear Santa, What I want for Christmas is world peace.  And Santa, it’s not as hard as it sounds.  I know exactly how we can do it.  First we need inner peace.  We need to relieve the angry feelings that people are carrying.  When they no longer feel angry inside they won’t be angry at others.  We need to relieve the resentment that people have been holding onto, because when people are free of resentment they can forgive others.  We need to relieve the guilt that people feel, because it’s only when we are free of guilt that we can accept and love ourselves, and when we accept and love ourselves we can more readily accept and love others.  It’s only when we are free of judgement, fear, hurt and despair that we clear a space in our heart.  From that clear space can grow hope, joy, gratitude and love.  Santa, I know how you get world peace.  You get world peace through inner peace.  If you have a world full of people with inner peace you have a peaceful world.  Love from your helper all year round, Karen Degen

I’m noticing lots of clients with what I call The Christmas Disease.  Its that anxiety that shows up this time of year.  Its supposed to be a fun, enjoyable, social time with holidays and family time, but The Christmas Disease ensures that instead that we feel stressed, overwhelmed and anxious. There are a number of contributors to this.  One of these is the previously buried emotions that resurface when we know we are going to be around family members or friends that we’ve had past issues with.  All those emotions raise their head and impact on our enjoyment, unless we can deal with them and clear them.  On the other side of the coin are those who are alone, and feel it more strongly this time of year, because it seems that everyone else is surrounded by their loved ones.  For those with The Christmas Disease even planning a holiday or attending or hosting a social event will feel like a huge burden.  They say that Christmas is the time for peace and goodwill towards all men.  We can’t possibly feel that towards others if we don’t have inner peace.  Make a change in the world this year by bringing yourself to a place of inner peace.  EFT is the vehicle that will get you there.

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