Can negative people really affect us?

Posted by Karen Degen on 22nd July 2014

Tags: Bradley Nelson, Emotion Code, muscle testing, negative people, positive thoughts

Have you ever felt that the negative people around you are pulling you down?  It may truly be happening on an energetic level.  In his book The Emotion Code, Dr Bradley Nelson tells about a test he often does at seminars that demonstrates the effect that other people’s emotions have on us.  He gets a volunteer to stand at the front of the room with his back to the audience and his eyes closed.  He base tests him by muscle testing his arm while the volunteer is saying “love”. His arm muscle remains strong.  He then tests while the volunteer is saying “hate” and his arm muscle is weak and easily pushed down.  Once a baseline is set, he then instructs the audience (non verbally so the volunteer can’t see or hear) to send positive thoughts such as “I love you” or “you are wonderful”.  The volunteer, who has his eyes closed and has no idea that anything is happening, is muscle tested and his arm remains strong.  Then Dr Nelson instructs the audience, non verbally again, to send negative thoughts such as “I hate you” or “you are disgusting”.  When he muscle tests the volunteer, who is unaware of any change of circumstance, his arm is weak and easily pushed down.  This simple test shows how the positive thoughts of others can strengthen us and the negative thoughts of others can weaken us.  What sort of people are you around at work?  At home?  How do you feel when you have been in their presence?  I’ve always worked to keep myself positive, but now it seems we really are affected by those around us so we need to be aware of who we associate with if we really want to grow and develop.

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