How to Beat the Winter Blues

No, this isn’t a blog about hot soup or mulled wine or woolly sheets. Those practical things do help but what works even better is a differe…

Posted by Karen Degen on 1st June 2017

Tags: Winter Blues

7 Causes of Cancer (and 7 cures for cancer)

There is no one cause of cancer, or of many other serious illnesses. It can be one big thing, but often it is a multiplicity of smaller issu…

Posted by Karen Degen on 26th April 2017

Tags: cancer cures, cause of cancer, cure for cancer, stay healthy

Why Suicide?

I was recently asked why people commit suicide.  If I simplify it I come up with two primary reasons.  Firstly, the person is linking their…

Posted by Karen Degen on 12th March 2017

Tags: suicide

Accidents and incidents

Sometimes when we have an accident it is life’s way of telling us to stop.  There are usually signs that life wants us to slow down, or stop…

Posted by Karen Degen on 30th January 2017

Tags: accidents

7 Ways to stay sane this Christmas

If you don’t want to do it don’t. If it involves a sense of guilt or obligation don’t do it. If you think either “I should” or “I shouldn’t”…

Posted by Karen Degen on 5th December 2016

Tags: sane at Christmas

10,000 reasons to be happy

I subscribe to a number of daily quotes that help me stay in the right mindset (happy, positive and expecting the best from life), and the f…

Posted by Karen Degen on 20th November 2016

Tags: reasons to be happy

Crying is good for your health

Research has found that emotional tears have special health benefits for people. Tears are protective and they lubricate your eyes, remove i…

Posted by Karen Degen on 22nd September 2016

Tags: crying, stress hormones, tears

Top five reasons why I can’t be happy

Whenever I ask my clients why they can’t be happy I tend to get the same five answers. They have nothing to do with what is or isn’t happeni…

Posted by Karen Degen on 22nd August 2016

Tags: happiness criteria

When should I be physically intimate?

I am often asked by clients “How do you know the right time to be physically intimate with someone for the first time?” They ask “How will I…

Posted by Karen Degen on 6th July 2016

Tags: emotionally intimate, physically intimate, sex

A First World Problem

More than 1.5 billion people on earth don’t have electricity. A higher number, over 1.6 billion, have no access to clean water. A much highe…

Posted by Karen Degen on 19th June 2016

Tags: grateful, problem, unhappy

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