Why Am I Still Single?

“Why am I still single?” is a question I am often asked by clients seeking help to find the person of their dreams.  Or, even more commonly,…

Posted by Karen Degen on 19th June 2018

Tags: cheating, rejected, relationship, single

Losing our way with love

There are so many ways we can lose our way with love, especially when we are living with someone or married.  One way is when we can get so…

Posted by Karen Degen on 20th May 2018

Tags: Losing love, marriage, quality time

The Milford Track – a series of unfortunate events

This is what happened and what I learned from walking  the Milford Track last week. To set the scene, it’s a four-day walk/tramp/hike (consi…

Posted by Karen Degen on 12th March 2018

Tags: Milford Track

I have no choice

Have you ever found yourself feeling resentful because you are doing something you don’t want to be doing? Or unhappy in a job you don’t wan…

Posted by Karen Degen on 30th January 2018

Tags: no choice, resentment

Families being negative on Christmas day

One client told me that on Christmas day her family would arrive and want to moan and complain and tell her all their problems. She said thi…

Posted by Karen Degen on 20th December 2017

Tags: Christmas Day, families, moaning, negative

Naked Attraction

The new show on TV called Naked Attraction features full-frontal nudity of both sexes. The contestant gets to see six members of the opposit…

Posted by Karen Degen on 24th November 2017

Tags: naked attraction

How to calm someone down when they are upset at you

When someone is experiencing a negative emotion the thinking part of their brain turns off. If you try and rationalise with them as to why y…

Posted by Karen Degen on 2nd October 2017

Tags: calm someone down, resolve conflict

How to make the best decisions

Often clients ask my opinion on whether they should or shouldn’t take a certain action. In my effort to empower them to answer their own que…

Posted by Karen Degen on 12th September 2017

Tags: good decision, how to decide, making decisions

Change 500 of your genes in 90 days

You can change your own DNA. Even if you have the gene for a particular illness you can change the way the gene expresses itself and complet…

Posted by Karen Degen on 28th August 2017

Tags: DNA, Dr Bruce Lipton, genes, prostate cancer, stress

Is looking at life through Rose-Coloured Glasses a good thing?

Is looking at life through rose-coloured glasses a good thing? To answer that let me quote cell biologist Bruce Lipton PhD. “You can choose…

Posted by Karen Degen on 24th July 2017

Tags: rose coloured glasses

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