Beliefs that hold you back in business

Posted by Karen Degen on 7th February 2014

Tags: beliefs, business, deserve, goals, limiting beliefs, money, safe, subconscious, wealth, work hard

Someone asked me today what kind of beliefs I’ve noticed in my clients that hold them back in business.  I answered that the #1 limiting belief  is ‘not feeling good enough’.  It is like this big brick wall between you and your goals.  No matter how hard you work or what you do, that belief will block your path.   If you feel at some level that you aren’t a good enough person, don’t deserve success or wealth, or that its not safe to have them, then you never will have.

Our beliefs about money are often deeper and more damaging than we realise too.  Did your parents ever say “money doesn’t grow on trees” for example?  That can create the belief in us that money is hard to come by, or that you have to work hard for it.    If that’s what you believe that will be true in your life.

The problem with our limiting beliefs is that they are often deeply buried in the subconscious mind so we aren’t even aware we have them.  Even if we are, acknowledging them isn’t enough to change them.  That’s where a professional like me comes in as we are trained to easily find them and re-write over them.

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