Being the person you want to be

Posted by Karen Degen on 24th June 2013

Tags: autopilot, correcting, journey, loving, nicer, off course, patient

Being the person you want to be is a continual journey.  We are never ‘there’.  Over the past few years I’ve worked on being more loving, more patient, warmer and generally nicer.  Much of the time I achieve it but sometimes I don’t even come close.  It’s immediately after those times that we need to be most forgiving of ourselves.  We just need to set ourselves back on course again and keep trying.  It reminds me of autopilot in aircraft.  When a plane is on autopilot it’s only on course 3% of the time.  That means it’s off course 97% of the time!  The pilot doesn’t give up and turn back though.  Autopilot just corrects back on course again.  It spends most of its time correcting, but gets there every time.  That’s what life seems like sometimes.  Don’t give up, don’t beat yourself up, correct, correct, correct and don’t look back.

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