At the end of your life you will know that…

Posted by Karen Degen on 26th January 2015

Tags: Neale Donald Walsch, Who I want to be, who I am

At the end of your life you will know that nothing you have done will matter – only who you have been while you have done it.

Have you been happy?  Have you been kind?  Have you been gracious?  Have you been caring, and compassionate, and considerate of others?  Have you been generous, and sharing, and – most of all – have you been loving?

You will see that it is who you have been, not what you have done, that matters to your soul.  And you will see that it is your soul, after all, that is Who You Are.

The preceeding three paragraphs are the words of Neale Donald Walsch who I quote often because his teaching is just so good.  I loved reading this and want for the rest of my life to focus not on what I’m doing or what I’m achieving, but on who I am being while I’m doing it.  Being the person we want to be is a continual journey. If you want help with yours let me know.

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