Allergies are an electrical distortion

Posted by Karen Degen on 21st November 2012


At a conference I just attended I watched as a doctor took a blood sample from one of the conference attendees and projected onto the screen what he saw under his microscope.  Her red blood cells were healthy, separate and free flowing.  Then he got her to eat something she knew she was intolerant to, in this case gluten, dairy and coffee.  A short time later he took another blood sample and the difference was incredible.  Her red blood cells were now clumping together and moving sluggishly.

Apparently blood cells have an electrical charge that cause them to repel each other, in much the same way a magnet repels another magnet with a different charge.  The result of this is our blood cells are separate and free flowing which is the way they are supposed to be in a healthy person.  If that electrical charge is distorted or disturbed then the blood cells will clump, affecting immunity and other vital body systems.  What had happened is that the food she ate distorted her energy system, which meant her red blood cells could no longer repel each other.  The doctor told us that allergies are an electrical distortion.

The doctor also said it would normally take many hours for the blood to return to a separate, free-flowing state, provided of course that she didn’t disrupt it again with food she was intolerant to.  We decided to try an experiment using EFT, because EFT is well known for clearing disruptions in the body’s electrical energy system.    The lady in question underwent approximately 15 minutes of EFT, and then her blood was taken again.  To the total surprise of the naturopathic doctor (but not to the EFT practitioners present) her blood was once again free flowing and separate.  EFT had cleared the electrical energy disruption which allowed the red blood cells to repel each other once again.

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