Accidents and incidents

Posted by Karen Degen on 30th January 2017

Tags: accidents

Sometimes when we have an accident it is life’s way of telling us to stop.  There are usually signs that life wants us to slow down, or stop and change paths, way before the accident happens.  Little signs at first, such as feeling tired, unmotivated, stressed, unhappy.  Or maybe the signs are aches, pains or something physical.  These are all the body’s way of communicating with you, but often we don’t recognise the message.  So, the message gets louder (we feel worse) and when we still don’t listen it gets louder still.  Or sometimes we do get the message but we tell ourselves “I can’t slow down/change now!”  I have this to get through first and that to deal with first. When I’ve done that I can make changes.  But life has a way of stopping us if we don’t do it ourselves.  We get that accident or that illness that forces us to stop.  If you are ever in that situation, please listen and take action.  If you don’t the next stop could be a dead stop.  Literally.

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