A reason to get out of bed

Posted by Karen Degen on 2nd August 2015

Tags: Happiness, get out of bed, want to get up

My happiness level is pretty high most of the time, but lately I have noticed I’ve been feeling even happier than usual. When I thought about why that might be I realised it was because I have something that I am working towards in my life that I am passionate about and excited about. My book is not too far off being published and every day I jump out of bed filled with enthusiasm to work on those things that still need to be done before publishing. I can’t wait to get into my day. This has heightened my happiness considerably and it is a wonderful feeling. Having something in our lives that we are passionate about is vital. Having something to get up for is crucial. Here is something you can try yourself. When the alarm goes off in the morning, lie in bed for a few minutes before you get up. Use that time to think of why you want to get up. Don’t think of what needs to be done or why you need to get up. Think of why you want to get up. What excites you about today? If there is nothing that you can think of, it is a sign that you need to add something into your life. What would you like to start working towards? What are you passionate about? What brings you joy? If you can’t think of anything and you have nothing that you want to get up for then make an appointment to see me, the happiness specialist.

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