A few months to live

Posted by Karen Degen on 19th February 2013


I recently worked with an elderly lady who had been told by her doctor that she only had “a few months to live”.  She was very fearful and was not coping with the news at all well.  I did some EFT on her for the fear which she described as a black cloud that circled above her head and obscured everything.  Because she often wakes in the night and gets upset I taught her some EFT to do on herself in bed.  At the end of our session together she said something that really touched my heart.  She said “I feel like I’ve got this big box filled with the things from my past, and that you’ve come into my life to help me take them out, one by one.  The only problem is I feel you’ve been sent to me too late and that the door is nearly closed”.

Don’t leave it too late to address the things in the box of your life.  So many doctors and medical institutions are now saying that the main cause of most illnesses is unresolved emotional issues.  It’s the ‘unresolved’ part that is the problem.  With EFT we can empty that box of unresolved emotional issues and set you free.

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