7 Causes of Cancer (and 7 cures for cancer)

Posted by Karen Degen on 26th April 2017

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There is no one cause of cancer, or of many other serious illnesses. It can be one big thing, but often it is a multiplicity of smaller issues that have built, up so the immune system is no longer able to cope. It is a fact that we all have cancer cells in our body all the time. Its not a problem as the immune system keeps on top of it. Until it can’t.   Because there is often no one cause of cancer there is often no one cure for cancer either.  It may require a multi disciplined approach to enable the immune system to strengthen and for the body to be able to heal.  Some of the reasons why the immunce system becomes compromised are:

  1. Toxins in the environment
    Most of the food you eat has been sprayed with one chemical or another. Eat organic where possible as the sprays are toxic to the body and over time the body will find it harder and harder to detoxify.
  2. Toxins in your personal and household products
    Most people are completely unaware that common products contain carcinogens (cancer causing compounds). Soap for instance contains carcinogens. So does shampoo. Most of the cosmetics women use contain toxic chemicals that may be benign in small doses but add the toxins in those to the toxins in your food, to the other issues below, and we have an overload that the immune system can no longer deal with.
  3. Your toxic thoughts, beliefs and emotions
    Don’t underestimate the effect of these! Many doctors and medical institutions are saying that the major contributor to many illnesses is unresolved emotional issues. Some, like Dr Bruce Lipton, go as far as saying that 95% of all illnesses are caused by unresolved emotional issues. Dr Joseph Mercola says, “If your emotions play such a significant role in your health, and I’m convinced they do, treating your emotions becomes an essential part of optimal health.” The best way to treat those toxic thoughts, beliefs and emotions is EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). Dr Bruce Lipton says “EFT is a simple, powerful process that can profoundly influence gene activity, health and behavior.” This of course is the part I specialize in. I have had huge success with clients who have had ‘incurable’ illnesses who are now completely free of them. I’ll say it again because it is so important – don’t underestimate the effect your negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions have on your health, because its huge. Its not only your unresolved emotions but the current ones that come from your diagnosis. I once heard Dr Bruce Lipton say that the fear you get from a cancer diagnosis can kill you faster than the cancer itself!
  4. Good quality fuel for the body
    Food like vegetables, fruit and wholefoods (unprocessed) are premium fuel for the body. It can cope with a lot more if it has the right fuel. If it is fed poorly with junk food, processed food and especially a high or even medium sugar diet, the immune system won’t be able to cope as well.
  5. Exercise
    Exercise boosts the immune system. There are two parts to being healthy: (1) stop doing (or using) the things that reduce the effectiveness of your immune system, and (2) do more of the things that boost the immune system. Exercise comes into the second category, and it boosts it very well. If you need some help with either the food or exercise components of this then using a coach can be really useful. I suggest someone like online Holistic Fitness, Health & Lifestyle Coach Elly McGuinness https://ellymcguinness.com/
  6. Healthy gut bacteria
    The immune system is very dependent on the gut health, i.e. the balance between the good bacteria and the bad. If this gets out of balance the immune system is severely compromised. One thing that puts it out of balance is not eating the right food. Another thing that puts it out of balance is stress. Stress is not what is or isn’t happening in your life – its what you think and feel about it. That’s what I help people to change. When you change your mind the body will follow suit.
  7. Mindset
    Okay, you probably weren’t expecting that one, and it might be hard to believe, but a positive attitude it can really help the body to cope. It can keep you alive longer to give your body time to make the other changes mentioned above and to heal. We tend to attract to ourselves that which matches our beliefs and expectations, so if you expect to get sicker and die there’s a good chance that is what you will get. Finding someone to help you with the mindset stuff can be an essential part of your health (once again that’s my area of expertise). Being positive about yourself (being able to love and accept yourself and to feel worthy and deserving) is an important element to mental and emotional health. The mind and body are not separate! They are connected. What happens in one is reflected in the other. Change your health and you will feel better mentally and emotionally – or change your thoughts and feelings and you will feel better physically.


Remember there is often no one cause of cancer or other serious illness and consequently there is often no one cure. It is often a case of looking at all the contributing factors and making changes in a number of areas of your life. Be well.

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